What Makes Music Therapy Milestones unique?

We believe in supporting families in every phase of life through evidence based music therapy. Our team is committed to serving you by providing appropriate and individualized therapy for your loved one.

Have you ever felt like you cannot communicate with a service provider? We are always willing to listen to your feedback, needs, or ideas and support your family in every way that we can. It’s not easy figuring out what to do and we have a variety of research based strategies that will impact the lives of the people we serve in a very positive way.

The entire family is welcome to participate. We provide natural environment services and we encourage interaction between our clients and their families. This allows our clients to generalize their skills and empowers the family to implement strategies when therapy is not in session.

Yes, we serve children and adults! When Music Therapy Milestones was established, we were one of the only Music Therapy agencies in the state of Alabama. Since we want to increase accessibility to evidence based music therapy services throughout Alabama we also have music therapists who specialize in working with adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. We are proud to be able to offer these services because we genuinely care about all of our clients.

Call us at 256-665-5483 to schedule a music therapy assessment! We cannot wait to begin the journey with your family.