Music Therapy and Early Childhood

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of presenting for an Early Care work group in Birmingham, Alabama.  The group was filled with wonderful professionals associated with early childhood programs.  It was truly an honor to speak to them about music therapy and the feedback was wonderful.  Many of them have set up opportunities for me to present trainings for the staff and families with in their own programs.

Music and the developing brain is really interesting.  Children’s brains are developing rapidly and since music is processed throughout brain, it can help enhance development by strengthening neural connections.

Music Therapists in early learning program typically follow the themes or units explored and present songs, movement games, instrument activities that relate to that theme.  Music Therapy has been described as “early childhood education on speed!” So much can be taught in a 30-minute music therapy session with young children.  Children have opportunities to practice concepts like matching, counting, object identification, and sequencing (for o
lder preschoolers).  Classroom vocabulary works and sign language are also introduced.

Music Therapy can be a valuable asset to inclusive early learning programs as well as standard day cares!  Interested in a quality early childhood music group for your program?  Hop on over to or email me at [email protected]